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Our services include International Air and Sea Freight Forwarder, Trucking Delivery, offers Network of collecting, warehousing, packing and handling the goods

1. Air Freight

Lima Samudera Pte Ltd can handle air freight at all major wordroutes airports and are conversant with all types of Customs import entries. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd provide a complete range of export services connecting globally to the worlds leading industrial markets. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd understand that air freight is a premium and costly service so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities for all our customers. Our staff will work fast and efficiently to find a suitable line to guarantee quick arrival at destination. As with sea freight, our staff will keep monitoring the shipment from departure until arrival at destination. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd value our customers and the idea that each shipment should benefit from a very competitive rate, therefore Lima Samudera Pte Ltd dedicate our competitive rate concept around:
  • * Strong alliances with majors commercial airlines
  • * Strong alliances with other air freight agencies
These alliances enable us to consolidate most of our customer's freight so each customer can benefit from:
  • * Discounted and competitive air freight rate
  • * Regular departure and consistent transit time
  • * Reliable customer services
For importers and exporters our company will provide:
  • * Assistance in preparing air freight document
  • * Assistance with air freight customs issues
  • * Pre-clearance for air shipment.

2. Sea Freight

Lima Samudera Pte Ltd provides a complete range of import and export services for LCL/FCL shipping consignments. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd always recommend the fastest and most efficient shipping lines to handle your inquiry also handle sea-freight at any worlwide routes port and ship to destinations worldwide. Our extensive network of worldwide agents extends our representation to all main overseas markets. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd collaborate with our agents, to provide a specialist, international service for all ocean freight requirements. Our staff will keep monitoring the container until arrival at destination.

3. Truck Delivery

Lima Samudera Pte Ltd offerring various "domestic client" cargo same-day-arrival services and economical delivery services. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd also offer air freight, sea freight or land transportation from small to large quantities of cargo from port to port and door to door services.

4. istribution and Warehouse

The supply and demand placed on warehouse and distribution is greater than ever. The warehouse and distribution provide both movement and storage and have become the points in the logistics systems where a firm stores, holds, and moves raw materials, semi finished goods or finished goods. Lima Samudera Pte Ltd understand this demand and have designed a distribution and warehouse support with the following value-adding roles to accommodate and meet our customer's needs.
  • Transportation
  • Consolidation
  • Product mixing
  • Other activities associated with products (packing, shrink-wrapping, palletizing, sorting, segregating and labeling)

Lima Samudera Pte Ltd will provide operations to reduce cycle time, lower inventory, and lower cost and provide better customer service:
  • Receive goods from a transport network
  • Transfer goods safely into a designated place in the warehouse
  • Select the combination of goods for each customer order
  • Load shipment for shipping to the customer
  • Trucking services (deliveries)

Our services can be tailored to fit a variety of short and long-term solutions. Please contact us for further details or to discuss specific needs